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N 12.6
P 14.0
K 15.0
S 0.7
Mg 0.0
Ca 0.0
  • Rebateable
  • Blend of fertmark registered products
Cropmaster 13

Product Description

​Cropmaster 13 is a blend of DAP with chipped Potassium Chloride. These components all have similar particle size (2-4mm diameter) which minimises segregation during transport and spreading.

The colour of the individual components can vary depending on where they are sourced. DAP can vary from light brown to black and Potassium Chloride can be red to pink or white to grey. Please note that colour does not indicate the chemical quality of the product.

Why Use Cropmaster 13

  • ​Provide N (12.6%), P (14%) & K (15%) for field crops, greenfeed brassicas, sheep, beef and dairy pasture
  • A cost effective product providing readily available N, P & K
  • Has good spreading and flow characteristics

Caution When Mixing

​Although Cropmaster 13 generally mixes well with other products, it is not compatible with the following:

Superphosphate, Sulphur Super 30 and Magnesium Oxide

Cropmaster 13  can be compatible with the following under certain circumstances:

Dry Lime

Segregation may occur when mixed with product with differences of particle size.

Refer Compatibility chart

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Important Information


    Provide nitrogen (12.6%), phosphate (14%) & potassium (15%) for field crops, greenfeed brassicas, sheep, beef and dairy pasture

    A cost effective product providing readily available nitrogen, phosphate and potassium

    Has good spreading and flow characteristics

    Cropmaster 13 is cost effective, providing readily available nitrogen, phosphate & potassium with good spreading and flow characteristics. 

    Cropmaster products are blends - they are made up of separate granules of each different nutrient.  Cropmaster 13 is a blend of DAP granules & chipped Potassium Chloride.  In compound fertilisers like the Nitrophoska Products range each granule contains all the different nutrients. For this reason blended fertilisers are usually a lot cheaper than compound products.
    As long as the granules in the blend are of a similar size (as they are in the Cropmaster range) the is usually little difference in the performance of a compound compared to a blend. However, in some intensive production situations (e.g horticulture) small differences can be important and it may more beneficial to use a compound.
  • USES

    The primary use for Cropmaster 13 is as a fertiliser to provide nitrogen (12.6%), phosphate (14%) & potassium (15%) for field crops, greenfeed brassicas, sheep, beef and dairy pasture. It can be used as an alternative source of phosphate if soil sulphate levels are high or sulphate is not required.


    Because all Cropmaster products contain nitrogen, correct calibration of application equipment is important.

    As with most solid fertilisers, Cropmaster 13 can be stored over a season as long as it is kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Store bags in a dry place ensuring they are tightly sealed.

    Also, clean drills and spreaders after use to avoid corrosion.

    Use as a planting fertiliser for field crops at 60-200kg/ha. Although at the higher rates it may be advisable to broadcast rather than drill the product. For process crops, rates can be much higher with an application rate of 150-625kg/ha depending on P requirements. For greenfeed brassicas, an application rate of 100-300kg/ha is required. It is important to avoid seed contact. If direct drilling, use lower drilling rates (<100 kg DAP/ha). If more is required, the balance should be broadcast.


    Use as a maintenance P fertiliser with an application rate of 90-200kg/ha on sheep & beef farms or to meet some of the maintenance P requirements on a dairy farm, especially where strategic N is required.

    Actual spreading rates will vary according to farm type, climate, productivity and soil type.  Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate.  Call our Customer Centre for information.