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N 0.0
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 0.0
Mg 11.0
Ca 23.0

Product Description

​A yellow-brown ground powder containing 11% Mg and 23% Ca

Why Use Dolomite

  • Combined source of magnesium and lime.
  • Magnesium content in a readily available form due to the fine particle size of the product​.

Safety Information

Caution When Mixing

Dolomite generally mixes well with other products. Segregation may occur when mixed with product with differences of particle size.

Please refer to our Compatibility Chart below.

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Important Information

  • Benefits

    Where both magnesium and lime are required, dolomite is often more cost-effective than applying magnesium oxide and lime separately in the upper South Island and lower North Island.

    Even when the liming value is not considered, dolomite is often used as a source of magnesium, as the availability of the magnesium is increased, relative to Magnesium Oxide, due to its finely ground nature.​

  • Uses

    Primarily used for dairy farming as both a magnesium source and liming source. It is also used in some horticultural situations where magnesium and calcium inputs are required.

  • Application rates and advice

    Dolomite is typically applied at rates of about 100-300kg/ha. However, rates of up to 1000kg/ha may be warranted, depending on the amount of capital Magnesium required. Dolomite is often mixed with RPR, Sulphur Super, and Potassium Chloride (Potash).

  • Storage and handling

    Dolomite is safe to store - ensure it is kept dry.

  • Source

    Ngarua Lime near Nelson - it is then freighted around the country to Ravensdown stores.