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N 43.2
P 0.0
K 0.0
S 0.0
Mg 2.4
Ca 0.0
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Flexi-N SI Only

Product Description

Flexi-N is a coated urea product designed for mixing with superphosphate for spreading in a single application.

South Island only

Why Use Flexi-N SI Only

  • Coated urea with the flexibility to mix with superphosphate.​
  • Ability to apply N, P, K and S in one application.
  • Suitable for aerial or ground spreading.


Magnesium coated urea (5% coating of magnesium oxide).

Safety Information

Caution When Mixing

​Although Flexi-N has been designed for mixes, it is not compatible with: Magnesium oxide, copper sulphate, cobalt sulphate and superphosphate that is immature or not properly cured.

Flexi-N can be compatible with the following under certain circumstances: Superphosphate and Sulphur Super 30.

Segregation may occur when mixed with product with differences of particle size. This should be considered by the applicator when determining the appropriate bout width for spreading product blends of this nature and Ravensdown recommends the equipment and the operation thereof should at least meet the Spreadmark™ minimum performance.

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Important Information

  • Benefits and uses

    Flexi-N is used to apply nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulphate in a single application by mixing at the desired ratio with superphosphate based products.

    • Reduced risk of reaction when mixed with phosphate fertilisers.
    • Offers greater flexibility in how nutrients are applied.
    • An alternative to DAP-based mixes.
  • Application rates and advice

    When used appropriately Flexi-N blends are safe for aerial spreading (unlike urea/super mixes) but care should always be exercised by the pilot to check the condition of the product before loading the aircraft.

    Flexi-N blends can be used with phosphate fertilisers for capital or maintenance applications in dairy, sheep and beef and cropping situations.

    Actual spreading rates will vary according to farm type, climate, productivity and soil type. Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate.  Call our Customer Centre for information.

    Avoid direct contact with seed.

    Do not load Flexi-N mixes into trucks with wet decks.

    If your local applicator has not used Flexi-N you may advise them that if the back of their truck is wet when spreading, the magnesium coating can stick to the bin and spinners and once this is dry it is very difficult to clean off.

    Flexi-N products can be stored for one week, as long as they are kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. However, it is best to mix Flexi-N with superphosphate as close to the time of application as possible.

    Flexi-n mixes should preferably be supplied in bulk. Any bagged product should be bagged and applied within 48 hours