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Flowfert N

Product Description

​18% liquid N solution

Why Use Flowfert N

Flowfert N is an 18% liquid Nitrogen solution designed for use through irrigation systems. Centre pivot and lateral movement systems have the highest irrigation efficiency and are most suited to fertigation.

Safety Information

Caution When Mixing

​Mixing should be discussed with your Ravensdown Account Manager.

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Important Information


    Cost effective application.

    Get the most from water and N by applying simultaneously.

    Increased control over your nitrogen application.

    Ability to apply small amounts of nitrogen more often.

    Less chance of volatisation and leaching.

  • USES

    Flowfert N is designed for use through irrigation systems. Centre pivot and lateral move systems have the highest irrigation efficiency and are most suited to fertigation.

    You can use Flowfert N at a similar time as when you would use Urea. The spreading of solid Urea will still be suitable in the early spring and late autumn when it is undesirable to irrigate.


    Flowfert N is pumped from a 30,000L tank and injected into the irrigation pipes. 1-30 units of nitrogen (equivalent to 1-30kg N/ha) are applied, depending on pivot speed and pump size.

    Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate.

  • WHY USE?

    With Flowfert N you can apply nitrogen when it suits your farm’s feed demand and crop requirements. Irrigated crop or pasture will receive water and nitrogen at the same time, allowing it to use both for growth.

    Applying small amounts daily to the root zone is ideal for plants and will result in a more even growth curve. The plants are able to take up more of what has been applied, leaving less to potentially be lost to the atmosphere or through leaching.


    Liquid Flowfert N is available from our consignment stores in Methven, Otautau, Winton, Molloy Agriculture Ltd Methven, Ian Watson Ltd Otautau, Booth Ag Ltd Winton,  Farmers Dipping Ltd Winton.