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N 0.0
P 4.1
K 0.0
S 5.1
Mg 0.0
Ca 28.6
  • Rebateable
  • Blend of fertmark registered products
Ravensdown Dicalcic Phosphate®

Product Description

Light pink to light grey granules; colour will vary depending on rock type used in superphosphate manufacture.

Dicalcic Phosphate is only available in the North Island.

Why Use Ravensdown Dicalcic Phosphate®

  • A good choice as a maintenance fertiliser that will also raises soil pH.
  • Will not cause germination injury - safe to drill directly with seed.
  • Provides a slower, more continuous release than superphosphate.


A traditional blend of superphosphate that has been slurried with aglime and cured. Mature dicalcic phosphate is crushed and screened before distribution.

Caution When Mixing

Dicalcic Phosphate generally mixes well with most other products (e.g., potash), but is not compatible with urea or other nitrogen based fertilisers.

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Important Information

  • Benefits

    Due to the slower release nature of the phosphate in dicalcic trial work has shown this fertiliser can be of benefit in high leaching environments such as on West Coast sands and podzols and the Wharekohe soils of Northland.

  • Uses

    Ravensdown Dicalcic Phosphate is commonly used for direct drilling; dicalcic alone will not cause germination injury at normal rates of application. It can also be used for maintenance as it contains phosphate and sulphate and will also raise soil pH.

    The phosphate in dicalcic has been reverted from monocalcium phosphate to dicalcium phosphate. This takes longer to become fully plant available and can provide a slower, continuous release than superphosphate.

  • Application

    Actual spreading rates will vary according to farm type, climate, productivity and soil type. Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate. Call our Customer Centre for information.

    As with most solid fertilisers, Dicalcic Super can be stored over a season as long as it is kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.