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Product Description

Grade 22 salt is a coarse white granular/crystalline material with a particle size of 1-5mm. It is dried and has had the larger pieces screened out.

Why Use Salt (Coarse)

​High quality, cost effective, simple and hassle free method of providing supplementary sodium when required

  • Multi-use, course grade salt (grade 22), suitable for oral drenching, licks, addition to either water or supplementary feed
  • Aids in the prevention and treatment of salt (sodium) deficiency

Salt is used as a fertiliser additive to increase pasture sodium levels for animal health purposes as well as a animal supplement to prevent and treat sodium deficiency in grazing livestock.

For fertiliser use, salt is available as Bulk Grade 10 in the North Island or Bagged Grade 22 (1.0MT bags in the North Island and 1.2MT bags in the South Island).


Sodium chloride

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Important Information


    Animal Health

    ​High quality, cost effective, simple and hassle free method of providing supplementary sodium when required and when animals are being fed on diets that are low in sodium


    Sodium chloride readliy increases herbage sodium levels, which if grazed will increase the amount of sodium in the diet. Especially important for lactating animals. Note: Pasture plants do not require sodium as an essential element

    Ravensdown's multi-use, course grade salt (grade 22) is suitable for oral drenching, licks, and addition to water, fertiliser or supplementary feed. It aids in the prevention and treatment of salt (sodium) deficiency


    Animal Health - Salt is administered to livestock by oral drenching, addition to drinking water, addition to supplementary feed, supplied as a lick or blended with fertiliser. For dose rates please contact your animal health advisor. Salt can be mixed with any other oral nutritional animal health products. It is soluble in water so can be administered through the drinking water, however it can be corrosive to machinery so check with your equipment supplier first. Most farmers use coarse (grade 22) salt because it is cheaper but fine (grade 27) salt can also be used.

    Fertiliser - Application rates are generally around 50 to 100 kg salt/ha, depending on the pasture sodium levels. Salt is compatible with the same range of fertiliser products as potassium chloride. Care is required not to mix with well granulated compound fertilisers where the finer salt particles with segregate during transport and spreading. Either grade 10 bulk salt (cheaper but variable granule size) or grade 22 salt (more expensive but more consistent granule size) are used.


    • Lined polypropylene bag.
    • UV-stabilised bags.
    • Also available in 1 MT or 1.2 MT bulk bags from selected stores.


    Salt is mildly irritant, so care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes. Because salt absorbs moisture from the atmosphere it is recommended that it is stored in a cool, dry covered facility, and ensure that the bag is closed properly after use.


    5 years from date of manufacture.