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Sulphur 90

Product Description

​Sulphur 90 is a dust free concentrated sulphur fertiliser with good granule strength.

Why Use Sulphur 90

Sulphur 90 is a granular fertiliser made up of thousands of tiny particles of elemental sulphur per split pea shaped pastille.

Sulphur 90 contains a special blend of bentonite clay which swells up with moisture to fracture the pastille and disperse the sulphur particles.

Safety Information

Caution When Mixing

Sulphur 90 Mixes well with other fertiliser products and with lime.

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Important Information


    ​Sulphur 90 provides availability of sulphur to plants as the range of elemental sulphur particles are converted to sulphate sulphur allowing plant uptake.

    Supplementing soluble sulphate fertilisers with Sulphur 90 will ensure sulphur is not depleted throughout the growing season.


    ​Apply at the recommended rate for sulphur allowing for crop or pasture requirements and removal rates. Sulphur 90 is ideal for soil amending high pH soils or saline soils. As a general guideline rates of up to 500 kg Sulphur 90 per hectare can be applied to lower soil pH levels.