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Product Description

Urea is a manufactured organic compound consisting of uniform white granules. It has the highest quick release nitrogen (N) content of any solid fertiliser available in New Zealand.

Why Use Urea

  • Concentrated and cost effective nitrogen source.
  • Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for plant growth.
  • Suitable for all agriculture, horticulture and forestry farming systems.



Safety Information

Caution When Mixing

Urea is not compatible with superphosphate, sulphur super 30, magnesium oxide, calcium ammonium nitrate, copper sulphate and cobalt sulphate. Flexi-N (magnesium coated urea) can be used as a substitute when mixing with super-based products.

Urea can be compatible with potassium chloride, triple super, lime and calcium nitrate under special circumstances.

Segregation may occur when mixed with product with differences of particle size, please refer to our compatibility chart below.

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Important Information

  • Uses

    Urea is suitable for all agriculture, horticulture and forestry farming systems. Nitrogen is used on pasture to boost dry matter production to target specific animal feed requirements (including hay or silage yields).

  • Application and advice

    Urea is usually spread between 40 and 300 kg/ha. Actual spreading rates will vary according to farm type, climate, productivity and soil type.

    • Smaller, more frequent applications are recommended to minimise losses due to leaching, and to increase efficient use of nitrogen applied.
    • In summer urea should be spread just before, or during, rain to reduce possible losses from volatilisation.
    • Make sure your application equipment has been carefully calibrated and is properly used to achieve an even spread.

    Urea dissolves in water for application as a spray, or through irrigation systems:
    • Dissolve urea in water at a 20:80 ratio.
    • Mixing with water may require some time.
    • Apply as a spray at the end of the day to reduce the risk of leaf burn.

    Soil testing and fertiliser plans are available to ensure you use the right product at the correct rate. Contact our Customer Centre or your Agri Manager for information.

  • Storage, handling and precautions

    Urea will readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere and should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area:

    • Bulk urea should be stored under cover with a tarpaulin.
    • Bagged urea should be stored in sealed bags on pallets.
    • Urea should not be stored as a mix for any length of time with other fertilisers.

    Do not drill on contact with, or close to, seed due to the risk of germination damage.