HawkEye – your partner in nutrient record keeping

With the wheels of national farm compliance now in motion, one of the most important things you can do is keep reliable records for all fertiliser purchases and applications on your property. Kicking your record-keeping into gear will also be beneficial when it comes to creating a Farm Environment Plan, which all farmers will be expected to have in place by 2025.

How can HawkEye help me?

Ravensdown’s HawkEye is a software solution for your farming operation that provides decision support, data recording, visualisation and comparison tools.

Simple nutrient reporting begins with the creation of digital ordering records.  With HawkEye you can order Ravensdown fertiliser directly from your farm map using a phone, tablet or desktop device. Order information is sent to all parties involved in the order, which helps ensure the right product is spread in the right place at the right time. Online ordering also makes it easy to keep track of every event on-farm and keep detailed statistics all in one place – handy when it comes to reporting nutrient information.

This is taken a step further with HawkEye’s integration with Ravensdown Joint Venture spreaders, TracMap and Aerowork spreaders, allowing proof of placement data to be captured. HawkEye also allows you to manually enter on-farm events, helping to build a complete picture on-farm. Currently, Ravensdown is working towards expanding the proof of application data received from other popular in-vehicle technologies.

Feed predictions can also be made in HawkEye, which can help support strategic decision making and, and calculate nitrogen use efficiency.

Do I need to be a Ravensdown customer to use HawkEye?

While you do not need to be a Ravensdown customer to sign-up and use HawkEye, Ravensdown customers can access additional benefits and functionality such as ordering directly from their farm maps.

To learn more about how HawkEye can help you, head to the Hawkeye website:

HawkEye Website

To get started with HawkEye give the Service Support team a call on 0800 73 73 73.

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