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Dry Lime

Product Description

Dry Lime is ground limestone (AgLime) that has been through a drying process to reduce the moisture content of the end product.

Why Use Dry Lime

  • Dry Lime has a lower moisture content than normal AgLime​

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Important Information

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    Dry Lime is ground limestone (AgLime) that has been through a drying process to reduce the moisture content of the end product. 

    Used the same as Aglime for the correction of soil acidification, and is a key contributor to optimum soil health.  Dry lime has a neutralising value of 90%, it can be used in situations where lower moisture content Lime is required.

    The application rate of lime to shift pH is largely determined by soil texture and soil type

    Capital Dressings - The Rule of thumb for capital dressings on all mineral soils: approximately 1 tonne/ha of surface applied lime is required to shift the pH on an average soil by 0.1 unit

    Maintenance Dressings - Maintenance dressings are based around the annual application of lime, designed to neutralise the natural acidifying effect of pasture production and the acidifying effect of N fertilisers. This also gives an annual application of Ca. The application rate will generally be dependent on the intensity of the farming enterprise eg intensive dairy farming approx 500 kg/ha/yr compared to low stocked hill country at 100 kg/ha/yr

    Applications can occur at any time during the year when ground conditions allow.

    Lime has a fine particle size; therefore care should be taken to avoid drift onto neighbouring properties especially where sensitive crops are being grown Lime may be mixed with most fertilisers.

    Setting up can be a problem after mixing and application should be as soon as possible

    Dry lime should always be stored under cover to maintain the low moisture content – best practice is to apply promptly.


    Dry Lime is currently only available from our South Island Whiterock quarry.