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Fine Lime

Product Description

​A finely ground limestone powder, containing 36% Ca, ground to a nominal 70 micron.

Why Use Fine Lime

Fine grind suspension products are ground to create a larger surface area, resulting in faster dissolution in the soil. Working to the highest quality, all fine grind products are guaranteed to 95% under 100 micron.

Safety Information

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Important Information


    Fast acting soil pH neutralising agent.

    Can be used in suspension to ensure accurate application.

    A cost effective form of calcium for animals.


    Use as a soil pH neutralising agent where a faster response to lime is required. The fine particle size means that this product will have a higher degree of reactivity than standard agricultural lime.

    Fine grind lime can be used as a source of calcium for animals as a supplement within animal feeds. However, it is not absorbed as well as Lime Flour and is not suitable for drenching.


    Safe to handle, store in dry place


    Ravensdown Te Pahu (Waikato) and White Rock (North Canterbury) quarries.​