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Track Rock Dressing Grade

Product Description

Track Rock Dressing Grade has cementing properties under compaction, forming a solid, smooth and stable race surface. Dressing grade is ideal for maintenance of existing lanes or as a finishing coat to new lanes.

Why Use Track Rock Dressing Grade

  • Cementing properties under compaction
  • Smooth and stable race surface, soft and gentle on hooves
  • Contains calcium, essential for healthy hooves

Safety Information

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Important Information


    Dressing Grade Track Rock has cementing properties under compaction, such as Track Rock but is designed to be used as a maintenance layer over top of an existing formed track. Dressing Grade Track Rock can be laid over a rotten rock base course to give the added benefits of Lime, such as a smooth stable race and gentle to the hooves of animals.

  • USES

    Dressing Grade Track Rock is used principally for the maintenance (topping up) of tracks and races. Its major use is currently in reconditioning dairy tracks. Other uses include all weather airstrips, stand-off / feed pads and jobs that require a smaller chip on top for a smoother race or track.


    As Track Rock dressing grade is finer than normal track rock it will perform best if it laid at an even spread of generally 50-100mm. Any pot holes, muddy areas and dips will need to be scraped back to base and built up with suitable sized product like 65mm Track rock. This will allow the even spread of Dressing grade layer to be formed up into a crown and suitable compacted. Filling wet spots and muddy potholes is not recommended for this product.

    Ravensdown stands by its products and has literally thousands of meters of excellent performing farm tracks, up and down the country. However, because Ravensdown has no control over; the base the track is laid on, the application of the Dressing Grade Track rock and the finishing of the track, Ravensdown cannot be held accountable for any issues regarding the track’s performance. Contact your local quarry for suitable contractors near you.


    Does not need covering in the stock pile.


    Ravensdown has no “specified standard” Dressing Grade track rock at our quarries and as such you will find different Dressing Grade track rock products offered as you go from site to site. Sizing can vary as can the grading but in general the following descriptions are appropriate for the site in question. If in doubt please make an appointment to visit your local quarry to inspect the Dressing Grade Track Rock yourself, or, phone either your local Quarry manager or the Customer Centre.

    Waikaretu uses its mill crushed oversized process rock as track rock, with a sizing of approximately 25mm down to 3mm. This product is made to order and is used on many formed tracks and roads in the region. As this product is also the feedstock for the Waikaretu Ag Lime, it may be unavailable in the high Ag Lime demand seasons of February to April and October to November.

    Supreme, Te Kuiti, uses two recovered by products from the washed chip plant as its dressing grades and it is called 6mm all in fines and 3mm all in fines. These fines are high grade white chip which has had the dust washed out of it. This product has many uses from dressing existing tracks and races, landscaping, golf bunker ‘sand’ and also in making the softball diamonds used for the 2013 Softball world champs held in Auckland.

    Geraldine uses a separate grade of Limestone more suited to track rock from its resource. The dressing grade track rock is crushed in a portable crusher and then passed over a screen to give a top size of 32mm all in product. Dressing grade track rock is made to order.

    Ngarua also produces a road dressing grade chip which is not suitable for animal tracks and races. The Ngarua dressing grade is a 20mm all in product with hard wearing characteristics as with the other GAP products. Dressing grade track rock is made to order.