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Product Description

​Tetraploid annual ryegrass.

Dash Annual Ryegrass

Why Use Dash Annual Ryegrass

  • ​A densely tillered, rapidly establishing, tetraploid annual ryegrass.
  • High pasture quality and palatability.
  • High growth rates over autumn, winter and spring.

Agronomic Traits

Persistence 8 - 10 months Minimum Rainfall 450+ mL
Sowing Rate 22 - 25 kg/ha Heading Dates + 24

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Product Sizes available

  • 25 kg

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Important Information


    ​Rapid establishment.

    Exceptional autumn, winter and spring yields.

    High pasture quality (ME, digestibility and palatability).

    Sowing date flexibility - can be sown late into autumn.

    Potential of multiple grazings, plus a cut of silage or hay.

    Excellent disease resistance.


    An ideal 8 - 10 month specialist winter feed, suited to all areas of New Zealand, for grazing as well as silage and hay use. Dash is recommended for all livestock types, and has the potential to produce high quality silage and hay.


    Due to its late heading date and high ME Dash is well suited for grazing and silage. Dash should be autumn sown at 22-25kg/ha
    or mixed with annual clovers for added quality and dry matter.

    You have the option of treated or bare seed. We recommend
    treated seed to provide increased insect protection for your