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Product Description

A white clover with semi-erect growth habit.

Mantra Large Leaf White Clover

Physical Description

A large leafed mid flowering white clover.

Why Use Mantra Large Leaf White Clover

  • It has high stolon number and thick stolons.
  • Its medium to high growing point enables better competition with grass in swards.
  • High yields with strong winter/early spring growth, very good persistence and reasonably good tolerance to sclerotinia.
  • Best suited to rotational grazing.

Agronomic Traits

Leaf Size Very large Persistence 3-4 years
Sowing Rate (Kg/Ha) 4-6kgs Winter Activity High
Flowering Date Early-mid Growth Peak Spring to autumn

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Product Sizes available

  • 25 kg

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Important Information


    • Highly competitive in grass swards
    • High yielding, with strong winter / early spring growth
    • High stolon density and stolon length
    • Highly palatable, with finer stems