To all our Ravensdown Co-operative Shareholders

Thank you for your loyalty.

Returning value to you is what being part of a co-operative is all about.

Prudent financial management and investment has grown considerable reserves for your co-operative. As a loyal Ravensdown shareholder, you have supported that growth.

We would like to acknowledge this by way of a bonus share issue. These bonus shares are in addition to any rebates that may be paid. All bonus shares will be issued to you on or before 30 March 2020.

Again, thank you for your loyalty and support.

John Henderson
Board Chair

If you are not a Ravensdown shareholder and would like to join the co-operative find out how.

All bonus shares will be issued to you on or before 30 March 2020.

All current shareholders who purchased solid NPKS fertiliser from Ravensdown during the last three financial years will receive 8 bonus shares per tonne. 

The bonus share issue is in addition to any early and final rebates which your co-operative has paid to transacting shareholders during the past three years. Rebates have been paid out of profits generated by the company. This bonus share issue is being funded by reserves which your co-operative had built up during the past three financial years though prudent management and investment. 

An explanation of the number of bonus shares you will receive, and the New Zealand tax credits which attach to those shares, is set out in the bonus issue advice attached to this letter. Please retain your bonus issue advice for taxation purposes. 

If you have transferred shares to a related entity during the past three financial years, there may be a delay in the issue of your bonus shares.  To ensure we issue all bonus shares to the correct shareholding entity, we may contact you directly to discuss your specific situation.

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