Smarter farming is part of Ravensdown’s culture and when it comes to a better New Zealand, we want to be part of the solution. That is why we partner with leading organisations and programmes that bring the industry and rural communities together. The following are just some of the partnerships we’ve built that share our values of enabling smarter farming for a better New Zealand.

Foresight programme

Ravensdown’s Foresight programme is where the rubber hits the road for smarter farming. The programme is focused on developing the sector’s leaders, innovators and challengers and the projects, science and technology that they are working on.

Community programme

As a grass roots organisation, we thrive on getting behind organisations and events that build stronger rural communities and encourage the next generation into the sector.

Scholarship programme

Ravensdown’s Scholarship programme is about ensuring we’ve got another generation of innovators and agri challengers to support through Community and Foresight programmes. We support those with the potential to become the next leaders in the primary sector.

 If you would like to become a partner, check out our Sponsorship Guidelines.