The environment you farm in is changing.

There are added expectations and pressures around gaining environmental compliance, some of which can be hard to get a handle on.

That’s why Ravensdown offers both the expertise and tools to make the journey easier. This helps free up your time so you can concentrate on what matters most – the productivity and profitability of your farming business.

Whether it’s a Farm Environment Plan (FEP), nutrient budget, resource consent or due diligence for a farm sale or purchase, Ravensdown’s team of environmental experts can help you work towards your compliance goals.

While the landscape may be complex, the solution we provide isn’t. Our experience in nutrient management - from providing fertiliser solutions, right through to environmental support and advice – can help you to meet your compliance objectives.

Ravensdown offers a range of environmental services, each tailored to suit your individual needs. Below is a snap-shot of our range of environmental services.


Farm Environment Plans (FEP)

Our team will work with you to create a Farm Environment Plan (FEP) that will meet all FEP requirements while also supporting continuous environmental improvement on-farm.

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Resource consents and planning

Our professional planners are available to work through the resource consent process with you, ranging from initial advice on your individual situation, writing the assessment of effects, planning regulation assessment and preparing and lodging the resource consent application. They can also help advise you on meeting the planning rules for current and proposed farming activities.

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Nutrient modelling

If you need to determine nutrient losses for regulatory requirements or if you are considering a farm system change to support productivity or regulatory requirements, we can model these changes to show their effect on key outcomes such as nitrogen or phosphorus loss.

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Due diligence for farm sale and purchase

We can give you peace of mind whether you are the vendor or purchaser by helping ensure environmental constraints and planning requirements are identified. We also model potential farm systems as scenarios for purchasers to ensure they can operate within environmental limits.

Recording and reporting

One important part of compliance is keeping reliable records for all fertiliser applications on your property. Ravensdown’s HawkEye software is a farm mapping and decision support solution that can be used to capture and detail the nutrient events on your farm, including all your fertiliser orders. When Ravensdown Joint Venture spreading or TracMap spreaders are used, proof of placement data is also captured helping to build a complete on-farm picture.

Key Dates – National Environmental Regulations for Farmers

To help you stay current with environmental regulations across New Zealand, we've put together this handy PDF. We are confident that you will find this resource useful for staying on top of all the changes and knowing the key dates on which they come into effect.

Key Dates PDF

This file was last updated and current on September 14 2021.

Understanding the National Environmental Standards - Freshwater (NES-FW)

The following is a breakdown of what the new freshwater rules mean for your farm and whether you will need resource consents.

Overview: new regulation summary Nitrogen fertiliser cap summary Stock exclusion regulations summary

Our team of environmental specialists

Ravensdown's team of agri managers and environmental specialists, supported by the Customer Centre, are here to help with all your on-farm nutrient, environmental and sustainability needs.

Collectively, our team of environmental specialists have many years of experience consulting on farm environmental matters. In fact, some even run their own farms, so they know first-hand the issues you are facing. 

Arron Hutton

Managing Principal (South Island)
B Agr Sci (Hon), Certified NMA

I have been involved in the agricultural industry for over 15 years in a number of roles. I enjoy utilising my knowledge of farm systems and regulations to help farmers work through the ‘compliance headache’. I believe being informed on nutrient management provides as many opportunities as it does limitations for farmers.

Suzanne Light

Business Support Manager (Environmental)
B. Appl Mgt

I have a genuine interest in the agricultural sector, working for Ravensdown for over 20 years and joining the environmental journey in 2014. The waves of regulation over this time have seen the need for farmers to be agile in their approach to farming to support the future sustainability of their farming operations. My primary focus is to manage the procedural operations for our consultants to help them deliver and maintain environmental compliance for farmers.

Andrew Hunt

Principal Consultant
Farm Mgt Cert, Advanced SNMA

I have gathered a lifetime of skills to help facilitate, encourage and solve on farm system changes, developing Farm Environment Plans and Nutrient Budgets. Working as a dairy farmer, I developed a deep appreciation and understanding of what it takes to Kiatiaki. Some of my most rewarding work has been involvement in a large catchment project. I have been instrumental in supporting agricultural industry and farmers navigate some of the most impactful changes the agriculture industry has seen.

Ben Howden

Principal Consultant
MSc, PGDip Enviro Sci, Certified NMA

I have been involved in a number of different roles within the agricultural sector since leaving university. I enjoy working with farmers to come up with the best possible outcome for their businesses and the environment.

Colin Tyler

Principal Consultant
B.Agr.Sc, PGDip Bus Admin (Mgmt), Certified NMA

I have been involved in farming all my life - as a sheep and beef farmer in Central Hawke's Bay, and in a variety of roles in the rural industry. Recently my career has focused on how environmental regulations have become part of farming businesses, returning to Ravensdown to help shareholders understand and meet their requirements.

Kelly Morris

Principal Consultant
B Appl Sci (Ag) (Hon), Certified NMA

I am passionate about our agricultural industry. Both the quality products we produce, and the passion, knowledge and technology that is used to produce these products in a sustainable way. I like to work with my customers and offer them science based advice specific to their business to help them achieve their farming goals.

Victoria Caseley

Principal Planner
MSc, Chartered Surveyor Planning & Development, RPSurv, Resource Management Act Hearings Commissioner

I enjoy working with farmers and their advisors to enable an effective resolution for planning and environmental issues. I have a wealth of experience in planning, both with writing and assessing resource consent applications, legislation and Regional and District plans, which I can draw on to assist farmers to meet and manage planning and environmental challenges. 

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Anna Macdonald

Senior Farm Environmental Consultant
PhD, BSc (Hons)

With a research background in nutrient management and diverse pastures I enjoy working with farmers to achieve the best possible science-based outcomes for their businesses and the environment. In recent years I have enjoyed working with farmers in both Agri Manager and Environmental Consultant roles.

Mark Crawford

Senior Consultant
B Ag Sci, Certified NMA

I have had over 20 years’ experience in the rural sector and enjoy a challenge in finding solutions to farm problems and removing barriers to current systems. I have spent over 17 years delivering a wide range of agricultural education topics at all levels. I believe in a learning centred approach, and also enjoy all aspects of training others.

Thomas Taylor

Senior Farm Environmental Consultant
Certified NMA

I have had a lifetime of involvement in the agriculture industry, initially in the sheep and beef sector and then moving into the service sector. I have been with Ravensdown for 18 years as an Agri Manager and Environmental Consultant, using my experience in supporting shareholders through the challenges to meeting environmental rules and regulations. My strength is understanding your business and helping you meet the requirements of running a sustainable business, which includes good environmental practices.

Ella Shields

Intermediate Planner

Growing up in rural Southland, I have always had strong ties to farming and the agricultural industry. Throughout my studies at Lincoln I learnt about the regulatory constraints on the rural industry and the concept of farmers needing a ‘social license to operate’. This has motivated me to use my planning skills and knowledge to help farmers optimise their productive potential while meeting their environmental goals and ultimately gaining the trust of the community.

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Hannah Foster

BSc, PGDip Env. Mngmnt, Certified NMA

I have spent much of my working life directly or indirectly involved in the agricultural sector. I am passionate about helping my customers meet their ever-changing environmental and regulatory requirements as well as looking at options to best achieve their goals with science-based advice specific to their business.


Jennifer Armstrong

B.Com (Ag), Certified NMA

After growing up on a dairy farm in the Coromandel I am passionate about agriculture, and determined to drive the agricultural industry to success. I have been drawn to work in the environmental field as I see this as a space that farmers need support in. I look forward to supporting farmers through regulatory challenges.

Anna McJorrow

BSc (Env Sci, Geo), Certified NMA

I completed a degree in Environmental Science and Geography in 2018 and joined Ravensdown as part of the Development Programme. With an interest in environmental management, I recognise the impact of complex regulatory frameworks and future challenges within the agricultural sector. I look forward to supporting farmers in the environmental space within my role as a Farm Environmental Consultant in the Waikato.


Courtney Stewart

BSc (Animal Science, Ag. Science), B.Sc (Hons), Certified NMA

Through both my career and personal life, I have a close tie with NZ agriculture. As a result of the ongoing and ever evolving environmental regulations NZ agriculture is faced with, I am in a position that enables me to help farmers and growers navigate these challenges and continue to run a profitable and sustainable farming operation.

Diane Harvey


I am passionate about the ways in which farming can be productive while still maintaining and enhancing our natural environment and I enjoy working with farmers to find this balance. Farming is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy; I value the opportunity to make a positive difference within such a fundamental industry.

Alastair Wolfe

MRes, Bsc (Hons)

I am passionate about our agricultural industry, the quality products we produce on our farms and the expertise and technology that is used to produce these products in a sustainable way. I want to help ensure we continue to do this by assisting farmers to create robust business plans and operational systems that are able to meet evolving challenges and regulations. 


Tracey Lambert

Environmental Administrator

I joined Ravensdown Environmental in 2017 to support our Farm Environmental Consultants. I am responsible for day-to-day administration for the consultancy. I enjoy the variety of the role and supporting a team dedicated to helping farmers farm in a more environmentally sustainable way.