These days, regulatory bodies want compliance with some fairly complicated rules. While we did not create the challenges you may be facing through emerging regional council regulations, we are determined to help where we practically can.

In all regions, the rules (or the way in which regulators are applying them) are constantly changing. Staying abreast of these changes, and how they may affect your farming operation, is the job of Ravensdown Environmental.

About Ravensdown Environmental

Since Ravensdown started its environmental consulting business in 2013, the team has delivered more than 33,000 contracted hours of effort helping farmers with their mitigations and compliance needs.  The specialists also assist local and regional government deliver on their objectives while supporting farming customers with practical responses to regulatory developments. 

We are a growing team with one key objective: helping you align your goals and future aspirations for your farm, within the environmental regulation framework. 

The Environmental team is structured around three service streams:

  1. Regulatory compliance including our comprehensive service where farmers ask us to take on all the steps involved in progressing or maintaining compliance with a consent.
  2. Farm Systems Analysis where experienced highly trained specialists provide tailored advice for planning the future of the farm business.
  3. Integrated Catchment Management where we help farmers and local community members working together to protect their waterways.

Professional Services

Our experienced team of environmental consultants, coupled with our network of collaborators, can provide an array of environmental services. Our integrated services include the following, but please get in touch if you can't see what you need here:

  • Nutrient Budgeting with OVERSEER®.
  • Farm Environment Plans (FEP; FEMP;SMP).
  • Resource Consent Applications.
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Laboratory Testing.
  • Wastewater and Effluent Testing and application modelling.
  • GIS Mapping.

Ravensdown’s is the largest farm environmental consultancy in New Zealand. It is the fastest-growing part of the farmer-owned co-operative and operates on a user-pays basis.

As a user-pays consultancy, we charge to cover costs. Our pricing reflects the fact that we are providing a commercial service (which has to be sustainable) without seeking to exploit affected farmers. Our consultants work with farming operations of all sizes on a first come, first served basis.

Referrals to Ravensdown Environmental can be obtained through the Customer Centre on 0800 100 123 or

To see more on our services download our
Integrated Service Brochure

If you need a resource consent, are looking at changing your farm system, assessing land use options prior to purchasing or selling additional land, or need to meet other regulatory requirements, we can help you navigate through the complexity of environmental and regulatory constraints in your area.

To see more on regulations download our 
Analysis and Planning Brochure

 All our nutrient budget projects are led by Certified Nutrient Management Advisors, using the latest version of OVERSEER® nutrient modelling software, and the latest set of OVERSEER® data input standards.

Our Team

Mark Fitzpatrick

Business Manager
BAppSci (Env), PGDip (Env Sci), MSc

I’m an experienced environmental scientist with a background in business and sales. I’ve worked in NZ and overseas specialising in environmental impact assessment. My focus is developing our environmental consultancy and engaging externally, particularly with Regional Councils in the implementation of regional plans.

Adrian Brocksopp

Principal Consultant
B Agr Sci (Hon)

I have been involved in the New Zealand agricultural industry for over 15 years. This has enabled me to develop an excellent understanding of New Zealand Dairy, Sheep, Beef, and Arable farming systems. I am passionate about our industry and the quality products that we produce.

Arron Hutton

Principal Consultant
B Agr Sci (Hon), Certified NMA

I have been involved in the agricultural industry for over 15 years in a number of roles. I enjoy utilising my knowledge of farm systems and regulations to help farmers work through the ‘compliance headache’. I believe being informed on nutrient management provides as many opportunities as it does limitations for farmers.

Colin Tyler

Principal Consultant
B.Agr.Sc, PGDip Bus Admin (Mgmt), Certified NMA

I have been involved in farming all my life - as a sheep and beef farmer in Central Hawke's Bay, and in a variety of roles in the rural industry. Recently my career has focused on how environmental regulations have become part of farming businesses, returning to Ravensdown to help shareholders understand and meet their requirements.

Tim Lissaman

Principal Consultant
B Appl Sci (Ag) (Hon), Certified NMA

I am passionate about our agricultural industry. Both the quality products we produce, and the passion, knowledge and technology that is used to produce these products in a sustainable way. I like to work with my customers and offer them science based advice specific to their business to help them achieve their farming goals.

Victoria Caseley

Principal Planner
MSc, Chartered Surveyor Planning & Development, RPSurv, Resource Management Act Hearings Commissioner

I enjoy working with farmers and their advisors to enable an effective resolution for planning and environmental issues. I have a wealth of experience in planning, both with writing and assessing resource consent applications, legislation and Regional and District plans, which I can draw on to assist farmers to meet and manage planning and environmental challenges. 

Kelly Morris

Senior Consultant
B Appl Sci (Ag) (Hon), Certified NMA

I am passionate about our agricultural industry. Both the quality products we produce, and the passion, knowledge and technology that is used to produce these products in a sustainable way. I like to work with my customers and offer them science based advice specific to their business to help them achieve their farming goals.

Mark Crawford

Senior Consultant
B Ag Sci, Certified NMA

I have had over 20 years’ experience in the rural sector and enjoy a challenge in finding solutions to farm problems and removing barriers to current systems. I have spent over 17 years delivering a wide range of agricultural education topics at all levels. I believe in a learning centred approach, and also enjoy all aspects of training others.

Turi McFarlane

Senior Consultant
B Ag Sci, MApplSc (Rural Dev)

My background combines knowledge of farm systems, natural resource management as well as Maori agribusiness and reflects a passion to help facilitate sustainable agricultural production. I enjoy the challenge of optimising land use to help improve sustainable outcomes for farmers and growers and believe that this can best be achieved by empowering farmers with the right tools and information for them to own any on-farm solutions.

Kate Ody

Senior Consultant
B Agr Sci (Hon), BASIS

Originally from a dairy and arable farm in England, I have worked in the agri-environmental space for over 15 years both in NZ and the UK. Having worked in both government and consultancy roles I can relate to the challenges faced by farmers and environmental pressures communities face ensuring long-term protection of natural resources. I am passionate about helping farmers to farm efficiently within the land capability, to encourage both profitability and sustainability.

Martha Trodahl

Senior Technical Specialist
PhD, Bsc, MSc (Hons)

I recently completed a PhD at Victoria University focused on nutrient modelling at farm to catchment scale using LUCI and ArcGIS. Although city born and bred, through my post-graduate study I have developed a interest in the rural and farm environment. I am really pleased to use my nutrient modelling and GIS expertise to support the important work done by the Ravensdown Environmental team.

Andree Callaghan

B For Sci (Hon), Certified NMA

I grew up on an Arable farm in South Canterbury, and have a keen interest in the rural sector. After finishing my degree at Canterbury University I joined Ravensdown as part of the Graduate Programme. I am passionate about environmental issues and enjoy working with shareholders to benefit their farming business.

Chris Tidey

BSc (Ag. Science), MAgC (Agriculture), Certified NMA

I am an experienced Environmental Consultant; having been involved professionally with New Zealand farmers for over five years. I am from a dairying background but have provided on-farm nutrient advice throughout all farming sectors. As an Environmental Consultant I have specifically been involved with nutrient management consents in three separate regions. I aim to provide realistic and practical solutions to nutrient management challenges.

Clare Buchanan

B Sci (Env), Certified NMA

I am a recent Environmental Science graduate, and moved to New Zealand two years ago to pursue a career in agriculture. I am eager to assist Canterbury farmers comply with Environment Canterbury’s new legislation while ensuring their operations remain sustainable.

Courtney Stewart

B.Sc (Animal Science, Ag. Science), B.Sc (Hons), Certified NMA

Originally from a family farming background in the Manawatu, I have developed a passion for the land and the wider agricultural sector, through my career and personal life. I take great pride and satisfaction in what I do as part of the rural sector and will ensure I continue to instil these values, among others, throughout my professional career.

John Holmes

B Com Ag (VFM), Certified NMA

Originally from a farming background in Mid-Canterbury, I am passionate about our agricultural industry. With 25 years farming experience, coupled with other industry roles, I want to help farmers make sure their business planning and operational farm systems are robust, and meet increasing regional regulatory rules.

Kate Higgins

B Sci (Ag), Certified NMA

My background is focused on animal and plant science having studied vet nursing. I spent many years in plant breeding and studying agricultural science at University. My area of biggest interest is farm sales and how the nutrient work is now a large part of buying or selling properties, and how it can have a massive effect on the price.

Nicole Wheadon

PhD, Bsc Animal Sci. (Hons), Certified NMA.

I moved to New Zealand 5 years ago to complete post graduate study, and entered a career path in the environmental field. I am particularly interested in the reduction of environmental emissions created by agriculture and providing support to farmers in their compliance and regulatory issues through innovation.

Nouman Kyamanawa

Msc (Animal Science), Certified NMA

I have recently completed my Masters at Massey University. I am extremely enthusiastic about the NZ agricultural industry and love being involved in developing projects that yield positive outcomes to on-farm system sustainability and that mitigate the effects of intensive agriculture on water quality.

Sarah Sexton

B Ed (Dip Teach), Certified NMA

For the past six years, I have worked for Ravensdown in central Waikato. I have an excellent understanding of Dairy, Sheep, Beef, and Arable farming systems. I thoroughly enjoy working with shareholders to maximise business productivity, while meeting nutrient and environmental considerations.

Jennifer Armstrong

B.Com (Ag)

After growing up on a dairy farm in the Coromandel I am passionate about agriculture, and determined to drive the agricultural industry to success. I have been drawn to work in the environmental field as I see this as a space that farmers need support in. I look forward to supporting farmers through regulatory challenges.

Jen Ritchie

B.Sci (Ag)

After completing my Agricultural Science degree, I was part of the 2017 Ravensdown graduate programme, following which I became a Farm Environmental Advisor. I am passionate about the Agricultural industry and its importance to New Zealand. I look forward to helping farmers comply with environmental regulations, and to produce in an environmentally sustainable way.

Anna Carlton

PhD, BSc (Hons)

I recently completed post-graduate study at Lincoln University which focused on using diverse pastures to reduce nitrogen loss from farm systems. During my studies I developed a keen interest in New Zealand’s agricultural/environmental sector and look forward to helping farmers navigate new environmental challenges.

Alicia Taylor

BSc Geography, MSc Physical Geography

I recently completed post-graduate study at Victoria University of Wellington, which focused on a catchment land capability model- LUCI and the sensitivity of this model to soil, slope and farm management practices. My interest in the agricultural/environmental sector has led me to want to help farmers comply with environmental regulations through understanding nutrient flows at catchment and farm scales.

Jessica Lunsford

BMS, PGDipEnvMgmt, CertHort

I am passionate about New Zealand’s unique and quality food production, as well as the sustainable environmental image New Zealand has on the world stage which promotes our products. My primary focus is to work with our shareholders in finding solutions on how to optimise value from the land by using current science and technology to manage operational farm systems, while doing so within regional environmental regulatory constraints.

Maggie Rogers

BSci (Env Sci.), MSc

I have recently completed my Master of Science at Victoria University of Wellington focusing on the predictive land use model LUCI. The project evaluated LUCI’s ability to manage nutrient losses to waterways and explore a range of potential mitigation scenarios that could achieve environmental benefits. During my studies I developed a strong interest in New Zealand’s agricultural sector and look forward to helping New Zealand farmers in the environmental space.

Ray Mohan

BSci (Env Sci.), PGDip Technology (Energy Mgmt.), MBS

I joined Ravensdown through the Development Programme following the completion of my masters on developing a Life Cycle-based environmental KPI framework for a sheep dairy farm. I truly enjoy working with the rural sector to develop environmental mitigation strategies in alignment with their business goals and requirements. Sustainable innovation to support economic development in rural communities is a passion of mine.

Anna McJorrow

BSc (Env Sci, Geo)

I recently completed a degree in Environmental Science and Geography in 2018 and joined Ravensdown as part of the Development Programme. With an interest in environmental management, I recognise the impact of complex regulatory frameworks and future challenges within the agricultural sector. I look forward to supporting farmers in the environmental space within my role as a Farm Environmental Advisor in the Waikato.


Suzanne Light

National Administrator

I have worked at Ravensdown for 17 years, joining the Environmental Team in 2014. I support our Business Manager and Regional Principals in the day-to-day running of the consultancy. I enjoy working in the rural sector, particularly being part of a team dedicated to helping farmers comply today, and farm successfully into the future.

Tracey Lambert

Environmental Administrator

I joined Ravensdown Environmental in October 2017 supporting Farm Environmental Consultants.  I am responsible for the day to day administration needs they have.  I enjoy the variety of the role and supporting a team dedicated to helping farmers farm in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Call our Customer Centre on 0800 100 123 and ask for Ravensdown Environmental.