Build up a history of farm events by paddock, block or management zone. Log in to Smart Maps to create and view:

• A detailed map of your farm
• Paddocks, blocks and management zones

Once your paddocks are drawn in Smart Maps you can enter information for farm events - fertiliser, harvesting, spraying, pasture measurements (manually or with a C-Dax unit) and more.

Plus if you have fertiliser plans, GPS soil tests or applications done by Ravensdown or one of our joint venture spreaders you can see it all on your map.

With Smart Maps you can print a map of your whole farm or part of your farm and make annotations on your map. You can also print out a list of your paddocks, applications or feed wedge.

Smart Maps is a free-to-use web based application which means that you don’t need any special software to get started, although we do recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser for the best experience.

Best of all your information is safe, secure, backed up on Ravensdown servers, and available for you to access anywhere, any time.