Our expert team works hard to deliver world-leading nutrient know-how, coupled with the latest technical advice and environmental guidance.

As compliance with regional councils’ regulations becomes more challenging, our highly trained team of agri managers are on hand to help with your nutrient management and Farm Environment Plan needs.

An integrated whole farm approach means that we can provide detailed Agronomy recommendations to complement your nutrient plan.

Agri managers utilise the OVERSEER® nutrient management tool, and are given extensive training so their knowledge of the fast-changing industry and regulatory regimes remains current.

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Fertiliser Plan

Your Agri Manager will use soil test results and, in some cases, nutrient budget information, to provide a recommendation on maintenance and capital fertiliser requirements.

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Nutrient Budget

Your Agri Manager will work with you using soil analysis and other key farm information as the basis to model nutrient inputs and outputs for your farming operation.

Farm Production Plan

Your Agri Manager will work with you to analyse a range of key farm information to plan fertiliser and lime requirements, and best management practices, optimising productivity and minimising environmental losses.

Key farm information used includes soil and herbage test trends over time, stocking rates, production and environmental farm goals, farm nutrient budget and any required environment mitigation measures.

Environmental Consultancy

With experience in all aspects of farm environmental management, our trained team of expert Farm Environmental Consultants can help you navigate through the complexity of environmental and regulatory constraints in your area.

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