We pioneered the use of on-farm silos in New Zealand, with the original model designed for the storage of Urea. Our on-farm silos offer convenient storage and greater flexibility for small, frequent fertiliser applications.

Silo Specifications

  • Our multipurpose silos are 26 cubic metres in volume and stand on 3-metre legs.
  • Capacity is approximately 19 tonnes of high analysis fertiliser.
  • Weather and bird-proof plastic Roto Tank with steel support frame and five sight glasses.
  • 100mm blow-in pipe and camlock fitting for pneumatic filling.

There are several options for leg width, sock length and a flip-top lid for auger filling.

Product Delivery

You can use My Ravensdown, or call our Customer Centre to order high analysis fertiliser for your Silo. Standard delivery is 12.5 tonnes within three to five working days.

Call our Customer Centre, or talk to your Agri Manager for more information.