Our Current Price Lists

undefinedLike-minded farmers started Ravensdown in 1977 with a pioneering spirit and a belief that strength comes from pulling together.

Today we are a successful co-operative that still exists for the benefit of our shareholders, working to increase your productivity and profitability by supplying a wide range of farm inputs. We strive to provide competitively-priced essential inputs and world-beating nutrient know-how, based on sound science and sustainable practices.

How our pricing works

All prices on our website are for bulk product, including a 1.5% direct debit discount.

  • All prices exclude GST, and freight & handling charges.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.


In addition to providing rebates for eligible fertiliser purchases, Ravensdown continues to provide additional benefits to shareholders:

  • Volume rewards for fertiliser, parasiticides and agrochemicals are related to the annual amount of product purchased.
  • Selected aglime, agrochemical and animal health products attract bulk purchase rewards - save more by buying in bulk. These are independent of (and can be in addition to) volume rewards.


For specific pricing on our entire product range please call our Customer Centre. All quotes are valid for the working day of the quote only; pricing is calculated on the date of dispatch.

Store charges

Bags and Pallets Price Each Filling and Mixing Price Each
SafeMax One tonne single-trip bag​ $30.00 20kg bags / tonne​ $120.00
SafeMax Half tonne single-trip bag $30.00 Mixing / tonne $10.00
Pallet $50.00