ARL Testing Services

Analytical Research Laboratories is a testing laboratory offering a full range of analytical services in the agricultural space.

Our laboratory is unique within the industry, with a focus on agriculture and environmental testing for our farmers, growers and researchers. We are dedicated to providing relevant information to our customers allowing them to plan and manage as accurately as possible.

ARL offers a wide range of soil, plant, feed and water analysis suites. ARL provides easy to interpret reports and are backed by the team of Ravensdown Agri Managers and Regional Agri Support Agents to help turn your test results into information for farm management decisions.

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Animal Health Testing Services

Ravensdown offers a range of animal health testing options to provide you with the right answers for your farm and stock needs.

  • Fine tune your drenching programs with faecal egg counting, drench resistance testing and faecal larval cultures.
  • Detect trace element deficiencies using our simple and reliable liver testing scheme.
  • Assess the facial eczema risk to your stock with a faecal or pasture spore counting kits.

Drench Resistance

Our Drench Resistance Test is a Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT) designed to evaluate and assess the resistance status of internal parasites on a property to a chosen range of oral anthelmintics.

Currently it is only for use in evaluating resistance of gastrointestinal roundworm parasites in sheep and calves.

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Faecal Egg Counting

When animals are infested with internal parasites, the adult worms lay eggs which pass out in the animals’ dung. By counting the number of eggs in the faeces, we are able to determine how large the parasite burden is.

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Faecal Larval Culture

A faecal larval culture will help you determine what type of parasites are present in your stock. A larval culture is performed on a faecal sample and involves incubating and hatching parasite eggs, to determine what types of parasites are present.

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Liver Testing

While it has been shown that 20-30% of farms in NZ are deficient in at least one of the three main trace elements (copper, cobalt and selenium), only a small percentage of farmers are testing regularly.

We operate a simple, and reliable liver trace element testing service, which has been accepted by all meat companies except Alliance.

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Facial Eczema

Facial eczema is caused by the ingestion of toxic spores produced by the Pithomyces chartarum fungus, that grows in the dead pasture litter layer.

Monitoring of the numbers of these spores is a useful tool to help with the timing of preventative measures.

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