Other testing services with ARL

Along with as our standard soil and plant testing suites, we offer other analytical services to meet your testing needs.

Trace element and heavy metal analysis

ARL offers a comprehensive range of individual elements and analytical suites, for example Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Mercury and Nickel.

Fruit mineral analysis

ARL offers whole fruit and fruitlet analysis.

Grape Berry juice – analysis of grape berry juice at harvest.

Soil sustainability analysis

‘The Magnificent Seven’. The seven indicators assess the chemical, biological and physical state of your soil and provide an assessment of the sustainability of an operation. Please phone ARL first as a specialised soil augur is required.

Hydroponic and liquid solutions

ARL offers a comprehensive analysis of liquid solutions for application or growing mediums for specialised crops.

Pesticide analysis

DDT, multi-residue and herbicide screens are provided via our IANZ accredited sub-contracted partners.

Compost Testing

ARL offers a analysis of any compost or manure.