April 2017


Ravensdown is an agri-sector cooperative driven by the needs of its shareholders, the land users of New Zealand. Ravensdown’s mission is to provide competitively priced essential inputs and world-beating nutrient know-how based on sound science and sustainable practices.

Ravensdown requires all directors and employees to act lawfully, professionally and ethically as they carry out their duties and responsibilities for the company. The Ravensdown Code of Business Conduct and Ethics gives effect to Ravensdown’s core values and guides us in our relationships with our stakeholders. We expect our supply partners to have similar values, codes and guidelines.

Ravensdown Values

Our decisions and personal behaviour will at all times be consistent with our Core Values of:

  • Successful co-operative – We put the customer at the centre of everything we do
  • Empowered people – We choose the best people, keep them safe, and enable them to do their best
  • Enduring relationships – We develop long-term relationships based on integrity and trust
  • Environmental Leadership – We strive to lead in the field of sustainability
  • Driving Innovation – We drive the business forward by finding better solutions

These values mean that we will:

  • Act honestly and fairly with due skill, care and diligence in the interests of all of our stakeholders;
  • Demonstrate respect for key moral principles including diversity, individual rights, equality and dignity;
  • Value personal and professional integrity, trustworthiness and competence;
  • Accept accountability for all of our actions and decisions;
  • Be responsible corporate citizens who promote and strive to create a sustainable environment.

Expectations for Ravensdown Suppliers

Ravensdown is committed to doing business with Suppliers who have aligned values and a strong commitment to ethical standards regarding business conduct, workplace health and safety, environmental protection, human rights, fair pay and conditions and economic sustainability.

Ravensdown’s values are consistent with the following standards, which are drawn from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). These are minimum standards based on the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The demonstrated level of each Supplier’s commitment to the values and expectations set out in this code will be considered as part of the due diligence Ravensdown undertakes in qualifying new suppliers, ongoing supplier evaluations and in awarding business.

Minimum Standards

Business Conduct and Economic

  • Regulations - Operate in full compliance with international, national and local laws and regulations applicable to its business operations, and obtain all necessary permits. Local industry standards should prevail when more stringent than local legal requirements.
  • Fraud – Refrain from any form of unlawful or criminal conduct, including bribery and corruption.
  • Conflicts of Interest – Disclose to Ravensdown information regarding potential conflicts of interest relating to your activities as a Ravensdown supplier, including disclosure of any financial interest a Ravensdown employee may hold in your business.
  • Confidential Information – Protect all confidential information provided by Ravensdown and our business partners
  • Intellectual Property – Respect intellectual property of others, including Ravensdown.
  • Free Trade – Reject any restriction to free trade other than duly enacted national and international laws.
  • Audits – Conduct periodic audits covering essential business practices.


  • Health and Safety – Use a proactive approach in establishing and maintaining standards of safety, health, environmental and occupational health management. This includes regular monitoring and verification of progress towards health and safety objectives or targets.
  • Freely Chosen Employment – Not use forced or bonded labour. By right, labour should be freely given and employees should be free to leave in accordance with established rules.
  • Child Labour - Not employ children in violation of conventions 138 and 182 of the ILO.
  • Discrimination – Not unlawfully discriminate in any manner on the basis of race, ethnic background, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Freedom of Association – Respect the right of employees to be represented by trade unions and other bona fide representatives of employees, and engage in constructive negotiations with such representatives with a view to reaching agreements on employment conditions.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Training – Ensure all employees receive regular and recorded health and safety training, including the handling of hazardous materials and the prevention of environmental accidents, and such training shall be repeated for new or reassigned workers.


  • Product Stewardship Program – Act in accordance with the principles of product stewardship, identifying, managing and minimising risks attached to products supplied during their entire life-cycles. In this connection, Ravensdown and Suppliers shall share relevant knowledge and expertise.
  • Emergency Response – Do all that is reasonable and practical to implement an emergency response program that addresses the most likely anticipated emergencies.
  • Environmental Standards – Use a proactive approach in establishing and maintaining standards of environmental management including regular monitoring and verification of progress toward environmental objectives or targets.
  • Waste – Establish a procedure in accordance with applicable legislation for the safe handling, storing, transportation, utilisation and disposal of waste.
  • Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction – Ensure and demonstrate continuous environmental improvements in various areas, including reduction of emissions, discharges, noise, waste, and reduction in reliance on natural resources and hazardous substances by means of clear targets and improvement policies.
  • Visibility – Establish and maintain programmes to ensure visibility and control of inputs into their manufacture from other sources.
  • Energy – Establish energy management programmes to reduce energy usage and/or increase renewable sources where possible.

Ravensdown Commitment

Ravensdown appreciates your commitment to the values and expectations set out in this code. We likewise want to ensure that our company and employees are living up to values and standards set out in this code. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact Mike Whitty, General Manager Supply Chain on +64 21 900 348 or email:

Alternatively, you can use our protected disclosure phone line which is independently monitored by Report-it-Now0800 225378 (0800 2 ALERT)..