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Endure® Mini is our new purpose-designed mini bait for application with seed when sowing crops.

  • Can be blended with seed for easy application.
  • Protects against slugs feeding on seed in the drill row.

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Annual report 2016

Value means different things to different people.

We believe value is created through building connections: with our customers, with our stakeholders, and among our neighbourhoods.

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Shareholders benefit from $41 rebate

After making progress in each of the past three years, we are in a position to pay a total annual rebate of $41 per tonne on fertiliser purchases.

We outperformed the sector in terms of superior rebate, technical advice, and price leadership.

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Ravensdown Environmental

These days, regulatory bodies want compliance with some fairly complicated rules.

While we did not create the challenges you may be facing through emerging regional council regulations, we are determined to help where we practically can.

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Streamline your office

View, download, and print copies of all your important documents with My Ravensdown.

Digital versions of test reports, agronomy plans, nutrient budgets, and rebate advices are all available.

You can even receive email notifications when new documents are published.

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Scholarships with Ravensdown

Our Hugh Williams Ravensdown Memorial Scholarship helps to support the leaders emerging from agricultural studies at Lincoln and Massey universities.

We also run scholarships with Atihau, Mangatu Blocks Incorporation and Tahora.

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