After making progress in each of the past three years, we have paid a total annual rebate of $41 per tonne on solid fertiliser purchases.

Our shareholders received $21 cash per tonne of this total rebate, as an interim rebate payment in June. With the remaining $20 per tonne distributed at the end of August, a fully paid-up shareholder who bought 100 tonnes of fertiliser from us is better off by $4,100.

The question for you right now is:

Who’s got the business model, strategy, people, and momentum that are most likely to deliver better value this year?

John Henderson, Ravensdown Chairman

We are driven to generate all-year value for our farmer shareholders - and we'd love you to join us:

  • $41 per tonne rebate in 2016.
  • Leading the charge on pricing.
  • Focus on product quality and services.
  • Investment in people, technology and infrastructure.

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Additional Information

Where applicable, rebates are paid to transacting shareholders and are based on the total tonnage of eligible fertiliser purchased throughout the financial year.

The total annual rebate for the 01 June 2015 - 31 May 2016 financial year is $41.00 per qualifying tonne of solid NPKS fertiliser purchased.

Our interim rebate of $21.00 per tonne was paid out by direct credit from 7 June. The remaining $20.00 per tonne was paid from 31 August.

  • Our financial year runs from 01 June - 31 May.
  • Your annual tonnage is calculated and sent to you as a Statement of Fertiliser Purchase in early to mid June.
  • All rebates are paid out in a combination of shares and cash, until you reach your quota. Our current quota is 234 shares per tonne.

Note that the following product ranges are non-rebateable: Agrochemicals, Animal Health, Lime and Seed.

For specific information regarding your shareholding including previous rebate payments, your annual tonnage, and your quota, please call our Customer Centre.

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Investment decisions are very important; they often have long term consequences. Read all documentation carefully, ask questions and seek independent advice before committing yourself.