Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Ground Effect - Spring 2020


We’re now into our sixth year of producing Ground Effect® and what an interesting five years it has been for farming!

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The editorial team putting together this magazine is constantly looking for the right balance of agri science, advice, case studies and thought leader perspectives to showcase what smarter farming is all about - building a more productive sector while managing within environmental limits and helping New Zealand thrive (or in more recent times, recover). With the scientific foundation of the magazine setting the gold standard of who, what and how we deliver you this content, we are always looking for proven results, insights and advice so you are getting information you can rely on. We welcome your feedback so we can make this publication fit for purpose and just what you need.

It won’t come as a surprise that drought and Covid-19 feature in this edition. In fact, we are trying something new with a webinar panel talking about these very topics within and beyond the magazine.

Ian Proudfoot kicks things off by looking at the impacts and opportunities of Covid-19, and you can also listen to the podcast interview online. Also, tune into the webinar on the 17th August (details on page 25). The environment influences every aspect of farming and is why we are consistent in focusing on this topic in every edition; with catch crops, environment award winners, technology, Māori values, regenerative agriculture and the latest in testing, all included in these pages.

The farmers in this edition are all doing great things to enhance their business by trying and inventing new ways to improve their footprint and taking their product direct to the world. We would be nothing without our soil and animals; that’s why the latest insights on animal health supplementation and parasite monitoring is a focus as well as the latest in testing and forecasting your nutrient use. It’s all about enabling smarter farming for a better New Zealand.

Lastly, we have a wonderful story of compassion and determination in the two farmers who launched Meat the Need this year, where we hear about how they got this charity off the ground and the impact it is already making.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of Ground Effect®. Please do let us know if there’s anything you’d like covered in future editions.

Greg Campbell, CEO

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