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    Farmers embrace new way of doing business

    9 November 2016

    Dairy farmers who don’t want to handle the day-to-day running of their farm are increasingly turning to Waikato supervisory business, Dairy Direct, to oversee operations for them.

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    Getting your fertiliser on early

    6 October 2016

    ​In hill country farms, many blocks are below optimum fertility - pasture is always in a state to respond to nutrients.

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    Pasture utilisation and assessment

    1 March 2016

    As every farmer knows, pasture is a key resource in their farming business. It is the most cost-effective feed available to the stock that are run on farm.

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    Where N-Protect works

    16 December 2015

    Hot, dry, windy conditions can play havoc with your nitrogen programme. N-Protect puts more nitrogen where it’s needed - into the soil.

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