My Ravensdown makes farm management faster, simpler.

My Ravensdown is a robust, powerful online tool that provides you with a new way to manage your account. My Ravensdown provides you with enhanced account information and puts your farm on the map.

Manage your invoices and statements ⋅ Place order directly to Ravensdown online ⋅ View farm information and history ⋅ See soil test results and trends ⋅ View fertiliser and nutrient summaries ⋅ Proof of placement ⋅ Feed wedge information ⋅ Online mapping tools

Getting started with My Ravensdown

If you are already a Ravensdown customer, you can get started with My Ravensdown straight away.

All you need is your Customer Number and the email address you've registered with Ravensdown; your customer number is on the top right corner of your Ravensdown statement.

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My Finances

With the My Finances tab in My Ravensdown you can view your invoices and credits as they build up over the month. You can also download copies of your monthly statement.

My Finances gives you a new way of viewing your account information, taking the hassle out of end-of-months accounts.

You can even save transaction details and import them into other farm management software, like Cashmanager RURAL.

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Online Ordering

Our new online ordering system is quick and easy to use. Order fertiliser, fill your silo, and get your agrochemicals and animal health needs delivered on farm with a click of your mouse.

With online ordering, you are in control. Our up-to-date interface is simple and intuitive, plus our Customer Centre team are on hand to offer advice and support.

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Smart Maps

Smart Maps is our interactive farm management tool allowing you to make real-time management decisions based on accurate data. Build up a history of farm events by paddock, block or management zone.

Log in to Smart Maps to create and view a detailed map of your farm, paddocks, blocks and management zones.

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Streamline your office

View, download, and print copies of all your important documents with My Ravensdown. Digital versions of test reports, agronomy plans, nutrient budgets, and rebate advices are all available online.

You can even receive email notifications when new documents are published.

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HawkEye is a farm mapping tool that was developed and is owned by Ravensdown. HawkEye and Ravensdown’s data bases are aligned, allowing customers to access their Ravensdown information in one platform. Access to Ravensdown data focuses on nutrient management and pasture production and HawkEye works with over 80 aerial and ground-spreading operators nationwide, to offer enhanced collaboration with leading industry and research providers.

If you are already a Ravensdown customer, you can get started with My Ravensdown straight away.

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