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Product Description

Avatar is a very high yielding, late heading (+22 days) tetraploid perennial ryegrass containing the NEA endophyte, bred for a combination of improved animal safety and persistence against insect pests. It has strong year-round growth performance.

Avatar NEA Perennial Ryegrass

Physical Description

Densely tillered perennial ryegrass.

Why Use Avatar NEA Perennial Ryegrass

  • A tetraploid perennial ryegrass containing the NEA endophyte
  • Very high DM production
  • Very high metabolizable energy and digestibility
  • Very late heading (+ 22 days) to maintain pasture quality longer into spring
  • Low aftermath heading – returns to vegetative state quickly
  • Good disease resistance - especially leaf rust

Agronomic Traits

Persistence 5+ years Heading date +22 days
Ploidy Tetraploid Sowing Autumn and spring
Insect tolerance Very good Winter activity High

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Important Information


    • High quality DM
    • Excellent combability with clovers
    • Highest yielding tetraploid for winter growth in NZ
    • Can be mixed with diploids for added pasture persistence
    • Good overall insect protection with NEA endophyte. Including Argentine stem weevil, pasture mealy bug and black beetle adult.

    Avatar is a high yielding tetraploid with exceptional palatability for all stock types. With its high winter yields it is well suited for all farm types and when mixed with a diploid like Raider, Ultra or Matrix, its persistence is expected to be well over 7-8 years. It accommodates clovers very well due to its upright appearance and growth habit leaving room for a very high quality sward.


    Avatar out performs all other perennial ryegrasses in the winter period. It is an outstanding performing tetraploid ryegrass which will not let you down.