Thriving in a changing landscape

Our stakeholders’ concerns are many and varied but one thing is vital.  As a co-operative, we work hard to listen and anticipate how their world is changing. 

Thanks to the support of many stakeholders, Ravensdown continues to play an essential role in helping food creators optimise production and reduce their environmental impact. Scroll through a variety of perspectives below.

Through dialogue, we learn what are the most important issues for our stakeholders

EMPLOYEES - Fair remuneration and good conditions of employment • Safety and wellbeing • Training & career development

CUSTOMERS - Dependable supply • Innovative & customised farm solutions • Regulation assistance • Product quality • Financial performance • Farm environmental impacts • Community support

GOVERNMENT - Water quality • Climate change/ decarbonisation • Biosecurity • Ethical procurement

SUPPLIERS - Long-term trusted partnerships • Shared values • Responsible sourcing • Resource use/GHG emissions

BANK/LENDER - Financial performance • Climate risk • Ethical procurement • Sustainable agriculture practices

COMMUNITY - Impacts of main sites (dust/noise/ stormwater) • Operational GHG emissions IWI • Water quality • Impacts of main sites • Waste to land • Sustainable land use

Take a look at our 2020-21 Integrated Report here. 

2020-21 Integrated Report