Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Lime key to success in spring


Feedback from customers has been that lime is still a crucial part of keeping farms running during lockdown. This is due to the requirements to maintain or lift pH for pastoral land, and for next season’s crops while ground conditions are still suitable for application.  

We’ve reopened our quarries as a result of that feedback as we appreciate maintaining optimal pH levels is key for crops, such as fodder beet growth. Applying lime at least six months before sowing will allow enough time for the lime to react. 

Ravensdown Senior Agri Manager Kieran Anderson advises that to get optimal fodder beet growth, soil pH levels need to be near neutral. 

“If your soil pH is less than 6.0 then applying lime should be considered. As a rule, addition of lime at 1.5-2t/ha will increase the pH by about 0.1 units in the top 10-15cm,” Kieran says. 

Although our team is unable to get on farm to undertake soil testing, using historical soil test information from paddocks or blocks similar to those going to be cropped will help you make an informed decision about whether lime is required. Your agri manager will also have this information to help with your decision making. 

If you are in need of lime please get in touch with your agri manager or the Customer Centre while ground conditions allow.