Friday, 16 August 2019

Interactive Annual Report 2019


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Ravensdown’s first ever Integrated Report and its audited annual accounts are now available.   The report, which sums up the progress of the co-operative towards its strategic targets, is available on its dedicated website.  

The site contains videos and other downloads that help explain our  performance, how we deliver value and how we manage risk.  

This year’s report is a little different as we’ve asked three independent, specialist leaders to give their perspective of the challenges and opportunities being faced by Ravensdown and the agri-sector. We then outline how the co-operative is responding to these trends in three important areas: the environment, innovation and wellbeing.

Integrated Reporting is all about going beyond only financial measures to get a more rounded view in the spirit of disclosure.  

As a co-operative that exists to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand, we are determined to report transparently on progress towards that purpose.

The challenge is worth confronting. How do we create food that enough people are prepared to pay for in ways that do not destroy our natural environment or cause ecological harm?

This is the challenge occupying the minds of all our stakeholders – not just our farmer shareholders.  There are plenty of differing perspectives on how to achieve better nutrient and farm environmental management, and Ravensdown is uniquely positioned to help.

Download our 2018/19 Annual Report