Society’s expectations are changing. Environmental performance is in the spotlight. Ravensdown is determined and uniquely capable of helping farmers reduce their environmental impacts.

Ravensdown is a co-operative connected in countless ways to food creation in New Zealand. The country exports 95% of the food that it grows. This can be seen as a net export of the nutrients embedded in the food because plants have extracted what they need from the soil. Ravensdown helps return those key nutrients by supplying the essential elements that all plants, whether eaten by humans or livestock, need to grow.

As a farmer-owned co-operative, our commitment as nutrient efficiency specialists is to enable our customers to supply the necessary amount of nutrients – no more, no less – and help minimise losses for the benefit of the farm and the environment. Ravensdown has many services that help reduce farming’s environmental impact.

Water Mitigation


Dairy effluent treatment that could reduce fresh water use by 17,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools a year.
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Integrated Catchment Management

A collaborative multi-discipline approach to environmental management at a catchment level.

Application and Planning


Computer-controlled topdressing aircraft doors adjust spreading rate and avoid sensitive areas/waterways.
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Precision spreading

GPS guided certified groundspreaders reduce risk of under- or over-application of nutrients.
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Precision blending

Smart fertilisers including N-Protect with coating that reduces gaseous emissions.
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Visual mapping and decision-making tool that brings all information and records together.
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Advisory Services

Nutrient Budgets and Good Farming Practice

On-farm certified advisors who maximise nutrient use efficiency.
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Environmental Impact Advice

Largest team in NZ specialising in farm environment planning and mitigating farm impacts.
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Diagnostic and Predictive tools

Analytical Research Laboratories

Physical test results for soils and plants measure levels and validate predictive models.
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Robust models

Predictive tools improve decision making about phosphate-loss mitigation or nitrogen use efficiency.
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Aerial sensing

Scanning soil nutrient levels and vegetation from aircraft.
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Expert advice from passionate people

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Our expert advisors are committed to helping you move forward. Our team of Agri Managers work hard to deliver world-leading nutrient know-how, coupled with the latest technical advice.